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Description Mindfulness App
Are you searching for less stress & more balance? Do you want to experience silence & clarity in yourself? Try Mindfulness App! We offer you the 16 most used guided Mindfulness Meditations (400 minutes of audio) and much more! This app helps you to train and practise Mindfulness wherever you are. There are already thousands of active users of this app all over the world! Every day, new members join us!

“Great app with many (!) different high quality Mindfulness Meditations”
“Very nice app. It works perfectly for people who want to start with Mindfulness Meditation”
“Good app that also fits very well with an 8-week Mindfulness training”
“A nice tool to keep practising Mindfulness!”
“Clear, energizing voice”
“Inspiring Mindfulness quotes and news items”
“This app really helps to bring Mindfulness into your daily life”

On this app, you will find a broad spectrum of short and long guided Mindfulness Meditations, silence exercises with bells and instructions and quotes to put Mindfulness into practice. There is also background information, practice schedules, news items with links to articles and videos to inspire you even more. In short, a very complete Mindfulness app for a one-time investment.

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  • 16 Guided Mindfulness Meditations 400min audio:
    1. Breathing space 3 minutes
    2. Sitting Meditations 5, 10, 20, 30, 45 minutes
    3. Bodyscan 10, 20 and 40 minutes
    4. Standing Yoga exercises 40 minutes incl photos
    5. Lying Yoga exercises 40 minutes incl photos
    6. Walking Meditation 20 minutes
    7. Mountain Meditation 20 minutes
    8. Lake Meditation 20 minutes
    9. Metta Meditations 10 and 20 minutes
    10. Sitting in silence 5, 10, 20 and 30 minutes
  • Instructions and inspiring quotes to
  • put Mindfulness into practice every day
  • Background information and practice schedule for beginners and more advanced practitioners
  • Interesting news items with links to interviews and videos on Mindfulness
  • Complete application to practise and train Mindfulness wherever you are
  • Recommended by experienced Mindfulness trainers
  • The investment is a one-time amount!
  • This includes all exercises, so there are no extra costs for app purchases or updates
  • After downloading the app and the files, the app works offline. So there are no further phone costs or connection problems
  • The app is developed by a team of experienced Dutch psychologists who are also recognized and experienced Mindfulness Meditation trainers
  • The language is English and the exercises are recorded by a recognized Dutch female Mindfulness trainer

So with this app you can train and practise Mindfulness wherever you are. This app helps you to bring Mindfulness into your life by coming into contact with the silence, relaxation and clarity in yourself. On the basis of user feedback, this app is regularly updated. Join us and thank you in advance for using this app!

Download Mindfulness App directly. Choose your device and click!

App works offline

√ After downloading the files, the app works offline. So there are no extra phone costs or connection problems. First the basic app will be downloaded to your device and separately the Mindfulness excercises by clicking on them. The downloading process asks a stable internet connection.

Mindfulness App plus an 8-week Mindfulness training

For an optimal effect and to develop Mindfulness in a structured way, we also advise you to do an 8-week Mindfulness training if you haven’t done so yet. This training is an investment in yourself and a valuable experience for many participants. In the 8-week training, you will become acquainted with the different exercises from this app and you can share your personal questions and experiences with the other participants and the trainer. In this training, a number of interesting subjects and exercises that can be useful will come up, and these are not in this app. This Mindfulness App is an addition to the 8-week training, and not a replacement!


This app is developed by a team of six Dutch psychologists / psychotherapists and an educationist. We are active practitioners of Mindfulness and educated Mindfulness trainers.

Questions about / problems with using the app

This app is developed for use with many different devices and software versions. It is possible that something doesn’t work properly after the download. This can almost always be attributed to the settings on the device in question. Apart from a description of the problem, clearly mention the device and software version you are using. You can send an email to: info@mindfulnessapp.nl

Feedback and other questions

We always strive for improvements in the app. Send your feedback and other questions to info@mindfulnessapp.nl and you will receive a response of the developers. The app and the exercises are certainly not perfect. We try to continually improve the guided exercises and the app, but we can already say that it won't be possible to make it perfect. We can't take into account everyone's wishes, and some things are a matter of opinion. Mindfulness invites you to work with what you have and what you encounter. This is also the case with this app and the exercises.


Mindfulness can be described as awareness, direct perception, being attentive, awake, and present. Mindfulness is not something new. Simply said, Mindfulness is being aware of every moment. The term Mindfulness and the practice of Mindfulness already exist for 2500 years, and find their origin in Buddhism. It's at least 2500 years old and has its origin in Buddhism. In the West, Mindfulness became known because of the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, who has developed a contemporary and accessible 8-week long training. Jon Kabat-Zinn describes Mindfulness as a way of purposely giving attention, in the moment and without judgment. You will find out what this is exactly while you practise. The more you practise, the more you will discover about Mindfulness.

In our society, we are always busy with work, our social life, television and other forms of entertainment. Because of this, we sometimes lose moments of contact with ourselves. Without noticing, we live on the automatic pilot. But by regularly making time for the guided Mindfulness meditations, we consciously create time and space for ourselves.

During the formal guided meditations, we allow ourselves to experience whatever there is in the present, like feelings and thoughts. Our thoughts run away with us at times. We are only in the here and now when we realize this. It's like constantly fine tuning the quality in ourselves that knows, recognizes and sees what's present at this moment. By experiencing this in the Mindfulness meditations, it will become easier to use this in our daily lives. It will become easier to accept things that happened, we can distance ourselves from our feelings so we don't hang on to them too long, and it will help us to enjoy every moment more easily. Apart from the guided meditations that help us become more aware of the here and now, Mindfulness App presents instructions and quotes that support us to also use Mindfulness in our daily lives. Practising the guided Mindfulness meditations in combination with the practical instructions can help you develop an attitude of Mindfulness.

By practising Mindfulness meditation, we are more aware of what's happening inside us (physically, emotionally and cognitively), and also how that relates to what's happening around us. This can make us aware of automatic and less effective patterns. Developing Mindfulness takes practice and patience. The way we bring this quality of attention into our lives will become more natural after a lot of practice. This continuous exercise will allow us to connect better to the silence and relaxation within ourselves. We can really be ourselves because of the silence and relaxation. It gives us insight in patterns and it allows us to make conscious decisions. Mindfulness is an attitude to life that can help with: - personal growth and awareness, - dealing with stress at work and in our lives.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an 8 week long programme that was developed in America, at the University of Massachusetts by doctor Jon Kabat-Zinn. During this 8 week programme, the participants practise with Mindfulness exercises and see how they can incorporate Mindfulness in their everyday life. The training was originally developed for people with chronic physical pain and tension problems. Extensive scientific research showed that people benefit from the programme. Research among employees shows that they feel more fulfilled and that they perform better. There is also a special programme (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), which was developed for people with depression. Research shows that people benefit from this programme. What makes it even more special is that the effects of the programme are lasting. Because of the positive results, the research into the application of Mindfulness has grown exponentially in the last few years. Every participant of an MBSR programme has his or her own specific reason to participate. Every learning process and curriculum is unique. All participants are asked to start with the 8 week training with an open mind. We find that, when participants don't expect a lot, that they are more open and that the results will be much better.

It helps to do an exercise with an open and fresh approach. If you expect that this exercise will take you somewhere, or that it will end with a certain result, it's possible that this "thought" might return during the exercise, or that you become disappointed when things don't go the way you expected. So let go of expectations or results that you want to achieve. Whatever exercise you are going to do, try to do it like it's the first time and look upon practising as a worthy investment in yourself. Mindfulness invites you to work with what there is and what you come across. This goes for everything you encounter in your daily life, but also what you encounter during the exercises. Maybe there is a thought, a judgment or a certain feeling. If this is the case, see if you can examine it in a kind and curious way, and see what it's like to gently continue with the exercise. When you notice judgmental thoughts or feelings that relate to yourself, try to make them softer or gentler. The idea is to be kind to yourself. It is worth a compliment to yourself that you give yourself valuable attention by practising!

Like building up your condition or muscle strength, you have to practise Mindfulness regularly. It would be good to take 15 to 45 minutes every day to practise. After a period of at least 8 weeks of practising regularly, you could find out what it has given you. When you have in the past or are currently experiencing mental problems, Mindfulness App advises you to consult with your GP or psychologist before using the Mindfulness Meditations.

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